About Us

TripPoints makes booking a Cruise or an All-Inclusive Vacation Package as simple as chatting online with a friend. TripPoints is determined to innovate and lead a new sector in travel known as Conversational Commerce, by building unique experiences, allowing users to book travel over chat, using Natural Language Processing technology and personalization. 

Our Experience

TripPoints dedicated team of professionals has over 30 years experience in online travel, technology and design. We have built our infrastructure in a manner that gives us direct access to Wholesalers, the top Cruise companies Globally and every Airline and Tour Operator for All-Inclusive Vacations in Canada. Our team works hard to ensure every customer gets the best deal available online.

Our Vision

We are reshaping the travel industry for customers, to provide a truly unique experience, simplifying the trials and tribulations of booking travel. Our proprietary technology is helping disrupt today's traditional online booking experience for customers, by making it less stressful, convenient, easy and simple. Our "secret" is simple, we do all the work over chat, while you relax.

Our Goal

Our goal is not only to simplify the online shopping and booking process for cruises and all-inclusive packages, but also to get the best deal, eliminating the need to search dozens of other websites. We are the first travel company to switch our corporate goal from sales to customer satisfaction by gaining your confidence, loyalty and friendship over chat.  


2400,525- 8th avenue SW, 

Calgary, Alberta, T2P 1G1

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